Modernist Journals

Critical Editions Produced by Students at Rider University


This blog is an asynchronous digital archives project linking Dr. Kelly Ross’s 20th-century American Literature class and Dr. Laurel Harris’s 20th-century British Literature class at Rider University. For this project, teams of students use the Modernist Journals Project to produce critical editions of single issues of a magazine. We archive these critical editions so that students in future classes can use them as models and sources for their own research into modernist magazines.

In fall 2015, students initiated this project by working on issues of The Crisis from 1914; in spring 2016 students produced critical editions of the British little magazines Blast, The Freewoman, and The Egoist from 1911-1915. This archival work introduces a different matrix of texts that at once includes and decenters canonical works of modernism. The critical edition project further allows students to create new knowledge that does justice to the complexities of modernism. In emphasizing collaboration within the classroom and between classes, this project creates its own editorial and authorial networks within our small community of English majors and minors.



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